Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to Accordion Garage Doors

This site was stared by my journey in searching for a replacement for the screened room on the back of my house. It's old. It's dirty and it's time to go! The room measures 12x14 and is butted up against the outside wall of my kitchen and the outside wall of my dining room. The kitchen wall has a window that looks out into the room, while the dining room wall has a sliding glass door has the capability of sliding completely into the wall itself. There are two screened walls that enclose the room.

For years, I've pondered what I was going to do with this room. It's pretty barren and we don't really use it, but it would be a perfect play room for my kids. Living in Florida, it rains EVERY SINGLE DAY form early June through September. This room would see a lot more use if we could close the room on rainy days and open it on nice days.

I've looked far and wide to find a solution. I looked at sun rooms, but the area really isn't large enough for one. It just wouldn't look right. Then I started looking at removable walls, but most of those are designed for interior use and usually for office buildings. That led me to the idea of using accordion style garage doors. This would allow me to open and close the room as often as I wanted. When the doors are open, they are folded up so they do not take up a whole lot of space and we get to enjoy the outside weather. When the doors are closed, we are protected from the rain, heat and wind. On top of that, having the capability of opening the sliding glass door and sliding it completely into the wall can really open things up when he have guests over.

I have found that there really isn't a whole lot of information out there regarding accordion garage doors, so I decided to start this website to bring it all together. So as I look for more ideas and styles, I will post them here.